Wax Melt Burner On Gold Stand

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If minimalism best describes your style, this particular burner would make the perfect addition to any minimalist-inspired home décor.

This elegant burner comes with a removable burner bowl.

Simply place a tea light inside the burner and place your wax melt on top to fill your home with fragrance!

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Product Dimensions

Burner (With Melt Pot)

  • H:15cm approximately.
  • W: 9cm approximately.

Burner (Without Melt Pot)

  • H: 12.5cm approximately.
  • W: 9cm approximately.

Melting pot :

  • W: 7.5cm approximately.
  • D: 3.5cm approximately.

Safety Information

  • When in use the burner will be hot to the touch, do not move the burner when a tealight is lit.
  • Allow the burner to cool before touching/moving.
  • Only burn this on a level, heat resistant surface.


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