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Part of our mood therapy range. Our RELAXING
fragrances are designed to bring peace & serenity. Based on patented fragrance creation guidelines which have been designed to promote a relaxed mood state.

These fragrances aim to enhance feelings of calm and are created based on a combination of ingredients that have been scientifically and consumer proven to offer relaxing benefits.

Intoxicating florals are sweetened by the scent of summer fruits,before powdery petals of lilac and white jasmine soften a herbal heart of lavender and pine. A sweet balsamic base of woods, musk and vanilla create a lingering trail.

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Directions for use:

Place the Wax Melter on a level, flat, cool, heat-resistant surface, away from draughts, other heat sources and flammable objects.

Position the wax melt cube(s) on the top bowl of the Wax Melter. We recommend using 1-2 cubes at a time.

Insert an unscented tea-light candle in the base of the Wax Melter. You should only use tea-lights with a maximum 4-hour burn time. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Allow the heat of the tea-light candle to melt the wax, and fragrance will release into the room. The Wax Melter will become hot while in use – do not touch while in use. Allow the burner to cool completely before touching or moving.
Note: We are in no way affiliated with the fragrance company. Our fragrances simply smell similar to the scent.


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